Different Ways to Ease the Vehicle Import Process

The number of hassles involved in importing a vehicle into Canada is unmatched. The rules are stringent, and they vary provincially. All this makes one wonder if buying the vehicle right within Canada makes sense. However, if you already have a car, or looking to buy a vintage car or your dream car in the USA, you will need to go through this process. And, not everything about this process is negative. 

Here, we are listing some tips that will come in handy if you are aiming to import your vehicle into the nation.

Obtain Canadian vehicle insurance before you import your vehicle

Even before you start with your importation process, there are certain things you must be clear about. One of those things is the insurance of your vehicle. It is always a great idea to arrange vehicular insurance with a Canadian insurance company. You also need to check if the policy is going to cover the vehicle all the time while it is still in the United States. The coverage must generally begin from the day you have purchased it.

Get the accurate temporary license plate

Make sure you double-check the temporary license plate that you are getting. The license plate must allow you to drive the vehicle both in the United States as well as in Canada. In this way, you can buy some more time to complete the lengthy and complicated registration process while you are arriving at the Canadian borders.

Know the provincial requirements

Every province in Canada has specified requirements for vehicles. Some provinces won’t let you register some of the vehicles. Right-handed cars or the ones with salvage titles cannot be registered within Canada. Certain specific provinces might also require emissions tests or safety inspections. Make sure that you know the requirements way ahead of buying the vehicle and importing it.

Get a clearance letter if you are financing it

In case you are financing the vehicle, you might need a clearance letter from the lender who is working with you. This letter will serve as a permission to export the vehicle into Canadian soil. Many lenders might refuse this letter, and hence you might need to pay in full if you want to import it.

Vehicle import process can be taxing but with these tips above, you can import your car to Canada without any hassles.