How to Check if Someone Is Using Your Wi-Fi

The internet has not only made our lives easier, but it has also offered several economic opportunities. With the increase in internet use, people of all age groups are driven towards it. This is why Wi-Fi technology has emerged so people can access the internet whenever they want. 

Everyone subscribes to the internet packages that suit their needs, and it can be extremely frustrating if you run out of data before the month ends. Therefore, it is important to take measures to protect your home Wi-Fi network and monitor your internet usage. But the situation can be alarming if you feel that you are not using your internet much and still getting a slow connection. 

You must have heard how important it is to protect your Wi-Fi device! Hackers can easily steal your password and hack your devices. A vulnerable device makes it easier for them to attack your network and use your data. Always ensure that your Wi-Fi credentials are complex and cannot be easily guessed. They can use your Wi-Fi network for their own work resulting in consuming a lot of data! This is known as piggybacking because people connect to your network without your permission. 

Whatever the reason might be, you need to know if someone is stealing your Wi-Fi connection or not! Because if no one is stealing your Wi-Fi network, your ISP can be the culprit. If you feel that your internet connection is slower than usual, give this blog a good read before you decide to blame your internet connection. 

Ways to Check if Someone Is on Your Wi-Fi Network 

If you suspect unauthorized devices are using your Wi-Fi network, change your credentials and do not leak them. Never use easy-to-guess passwords to ensure that your network remains safe. Moreover, several latest Wi-Fi technologies allow the user to create a guest network for the visitors. This way, your primary network will always remain safe. We have listed some of the ways below.

Turn off All your Devices

One way to check is to shut down all your devices so that none is switched on. Even if any of the home gadgets rely on the Wi-Fi network, you need to turn it off. Then, check the activity lights of your router. The lights on the device should not be flashing! If regular activity is still appearing, then this is a sign that someone is using your Wi-Fi without your connection. 

Use a Wi-Fi Detective Application

Technology is indeed a blessing! With the advent of the latest technology, great detective applications are also developed. Such applications scan your Wi-Fi network to provide a list of the devices that are connected to your Wi-Fi network. For example, Wi-Fi Guard is one of the popular applications that you can use. 

Talk to Your ISP

Sometimes just to save money, we end up choosing the wrong internet packages. This is the major reason we reach the data limit even before the month ends. We start to believe others might be using our network. 

You should talk to your internet service provider because you can’t afford to experience dropped signals. Do not try to save money if you have multiple devices that need an internet connection. Ask your ISP to change your credentials so your network stays secure. 

If you still suspect that, you are still not getting the desired speed after upgrading the package, then change your internet service provider. Most of the ISPs give other internet options by compromising your package.

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Router’s IP Address

If you still suspect that someone is using your connection, then type your router’s IP address to check the list of the devices connected to your network. Ask your ISP to provide you with it and once you have the address, type it into the search bar, and a pop-up will appear. Enter your username and password that is written on your Wi-Fi device. A list of the devices that uses your connection will appear. If you do not recognize any device, then it’s time to use certain security measures to take the security of your network to the next level. 

On a Final Note

Everyone has a Wi-Fi connection in their homes but not every network is able to provide high-speed internet. This can be frustrating because one pays for the entire month’s internet package. There can be many reasons, and you need to be careful about them. Take essential steps to secure your data so hackers or freeloaders cannot use your connection.  

Always be diligent about your Wi-Fi network so you can use a seamless connection.