How do volumetric scanners help generate the perfect report for mining companies?

Volumetric scanning of loads is a new technology in the mining industry that provides unrivalled benefits to mining companies. This somewhat new tech in payload weighing is increasingly setting standards in the accurate measurement of truck payloads for mining sites. Volumetric load scanners use 3D imaging software to make measurement loaded trucks accurate and economical. This revolutionary approach to truck measurement in the mining industry can be achieved with Trakblaze’s volumetric load scanners.

Given the importance of accurate and reliable measurement data, the equipment and systems used have a great influence on the mining industry. From site exploration, management of heavy equipment, transportation of mined materials, and their management, measurement systems have several applications in the management of mining operations. Precise and error-free payload data is one of the primary requirements for mining sites which is possible with volumetric load scanners; readily available for mining companies across Australia with Trakblaze.

Traditional weight scales can do a fine job of producing weight data of payloads for mining companies. However, using contemporary volumetric scanners from Trakblaze, the greater need for accurate, reliable, as well as cost and time-saving measurement of payloads across mining sites is attainable. Volumetric load scanners for the mining industries offer several appealing benefits to mining companies;

  • Improving operational efficiency
  • Proper tracking of inventory for mines
  • Assuring quality work
  • Regulatory compliance, and
  • Cost control

How do Volumetric Scanners Work?

Measurement Systems such as volumetric scanners have recently been introduced in the mining industry, before which static weighbridges were used to measure truck payloads. This new-day measurement system for the mining industry makes traditional weighbridges look obsolete or appear least necessary today. Notably, this tech is a forefront measurement system for the mining industry in providing flawless payload data and a time-saving scanning process.

The ability to provide accurate scanning results for trucks whilst capturing data in motion is a great advantage for volumetric load scanners over traditional Truck scales where the truck has to stop on the scale itself. As bulk materials are loaded in that truck and are passed beneath the scan head the data is automatically generated with instant results. A truck volumetric scanner is light and occupies less physical space, therefore it is easy to move the scanning system from one mining site to another if the need arises.

Higher end systems can combine both volumetric and Weight data derived from a Dynamic, in-motion Haul truck scale, to provide material density data. Trakblaze provide their heavy duty, accurate and reliable Force series of Mining Truck scales which provide the complete measurement package. These combination in motion weighing and volumetric scanning systems relay the information directly to an operator. Mines using these measurement systems can also equipped the system with a radio frequency identification (RFID) system. RFID helps in the identification of trucks passing through the scanner, making it easy to measure a fleet of trucks quickly and efficiently.

You can operate a truck volumetric scanner for recording truck payloads from Trakblaze through any working conditions. Their performance remains unaffected by weather conditions and uneven loads. Trakblaze uses a touchscreen and could data sharing features in their truck volumetric scanners to make the measuring of trucks for mining companies as effective as possible.

As Australia’s industry-leading weighbridge manufacturer, Trakblaze looks into every factor of truck weighing and volumetric scanning for mining companies that can make their job as accurate and effective as possible. You can capture critical metrics of your loaded trucks directly from the scanning lasers, while load volume information is acquired using a customised algorithm.

Trakblaze can offer mobile truck volumetric scanners to mining companies across Australia to prevent companies from facing any problems while moving their volumetric scanners from one place to another. Introduce an impeccable measurement system for your mining trucks with Trakblaze