5 reasons why social media is so important for small businesses


In today’s world of smartphones and apps, it can be easy to assume that everyone and their dog is on social media. However, some businesses to this day still don’t think that social media is worth their time. The thing is, small businesses need every advantage that they can get to stay ahead and social media could the edge that your business has been missing. 

Still not sold? Here are 5 reasons why it’s for that your small business has a presence on social media. 

1. You can use it as a customer service tool

Large businesses are fortunate enough to have the resources to have a dedicated customer support service. But as a small business, what options do you have? Well, this is where social media can help. Your account will give your customers direct access to you in a time of need. They may also have questions about your products that want to answer before making a purchase. Either way, social media can be an affordable way to offer your customers fast and friendly service that sets you apart from your competitors both big and small. 

2. Helps with your search engine ranking 

Ranking in search is important for every business as it helps in several ways. This is why it’s important to take as many steps as you can to improve your SEO ranking. Having a presence on social media acts as a social signal, which informs search algorithms that your business is legitimate, and therefore a more relevant result for a given search query. To improve your SEO even further, be sure to get the help of a Dundee web design agency

3. It increases brand awareness

Brand awareness is important as it helps you to reach new potential customers and generate more business. To build this awareness, you need to be present in the same spaces as your target market. If your target audience is on social media (and it’s highly likely that they will be) you need to be there too. This will help people to find your business and fall in love with your brand! 

4. Share your story 

Behind every small business is someone with a dream. This dream and your reasons for starting your business are unique and something that sets you apart from the competition. Social media offers the chance for you to share the story of your business and win over followers and customers alike! 

5. It’s affordable

Last, but certainly not least, social media is a very affordable form of marketing. In fact, you can actually grow your follower and customer without spending a penny if you’re willing to put in the time. This can be very attractive, especially for small businesses with little or no money to spend on marketing. 


Social media is a powerful tool that if used right, can create a massive return for your small business. Don’t miss out on the opportunity that it presents.